Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at a dynamic project like ours, you may have a lot of questions. Read the most common and important ones. If you are still unsure, you can ask us directly in our Telegram group.

What is Earnio?

Earnio is an audited financial product using the potential of cryptocurrencies in accordance with current regulations. Earnio trades on the cryptocurrency markets using automated and semi-automated trading strategies. Now you have the opportunity to get involved and acquire a part of the profit of this trading with no entry and exit fees. 

The main goal of Earnio is to allow clients who do not have that much devoted time for their own trading to effortlessly participate and obtain revenues from this rapidly developing crypto product.

What does Earnio offer?

Through the Earnio platform, you lend us your funds and we will trade them on the cryptocurrency markets. Understandably, you are entitled to a reward for this loan and also a share from the results of this trading. You will receive up to 50% of our trading result depending on the number of PBX tokens you have locked in the StayKing program.

PBX utility in Earnio

How is Earnio linked to Probinex?

Earnio belongs to the extensive family of products developed by the Probinex project. Earnio is legally and economically independent but shares a common philosophy with Probinex - to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people. Probinex also has its very own cryptocurrency (the PBX token) generating even higher rewards through Earnio.

How to enter Earnio?

We've made getting into Earnio as easy as possible. All you have to do is register, verify your identity and complete short questionnaire to get to know you a little better.

After that, all you have to do proceeding with deposit in CZK or EUR, or use the deposit in Bitcoin or USDC cryptocurrencies.

How to exit Earnio?

Getting out of Earnio is very easy as well. Simply click that you want to end your allocation. At the beginning of the next month, the three-month notice period begins. After three months, your funds are available and you can send them to either your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet.

What happens to the money? Is it safe?

With your funds, we will purchase cryptocurrencies and actively trade with them. For trading, we use the most modern and proven automated/semi-automated trading strategies.

Earnio is fully compliant with current regulations. Trading funds are strictly separated from company funds. The results of our trading are subject to a strict monthly audit, the results of which we publish on regular basis.

What will Earnio bring me? 

In Earnio, you get a share of the trading result of our trusted trading strategies. Our strategy targets a result of 3-5% per month and you can get a share of this result from 30-50% depending on how many PBX tokens you have locked in the StayKing program from Probinex.

What makes Earnio different from other financial products?

Thanks to Earnio, you have the opportunity to participate in the results of trading in the cryptocurrency markets and therefore partake in the returns that trading in these markets offers.

As of now, cryptocurrencies are not yet such a regulated and mature market, so they offer a higher level of volatility, which is also an opportunity for greater returns.

Earnio vs. Savings account
Savings accounts do protect against loss value, but appreciation usually doesn't even match the rate of inflation, so the funds essentially lose value.

Thanks to Earnio, you have the opportunity to achieve up to several times greater returns. Due to the fact that it is cryptocurrency trading, the results can be much more volatile, though this risk is redeemed by the higher profit potential.

Earnio vs. mutual fund
Many fees are typical for mutual funds. Fees for entry, exit, portfolio management, performance fee, etc. You will end up paying such fees even if you end up in the red. Not with Earnio! We charge absolutely no entry nor exit fees. There is no management fee either. 

Thanks to Earnio, you get a fair share of the trading results without any hidden fees.

Earnio vs. ETF fund
ETF funds are a typical long-term investment - sometimes for decades. It is a passive portfolio management, where only a predetermined type of asset is purchased. This way of investing does not allow an active quick reaction to constant changes in the market situation or the possibility to significantly profit from market inefficiencies. 

In these types of funds, a flat fee is usually paid regardless of whether the fund is in the red or making a profit. Earnio is different, you don't pay any fees & together we just split the trading result.