Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at a dynamic project like ours, you may have a lot of questions. Read the most common and important ones. If you are still unsure, you can ask us directly in our Telegram group.

How to enter Earnio?


How to register

and verify to Earnio?


How to buy USDC

through our Earnio exchange?


How to allocate

USDC to Earnio?

More about Earnio

What is Earnio?

Earnio is an audited product that harnesses the potential of cryptocurrencies in accordance with current regulations. Earnio trades on cryptocurrency markets using automated and semi-automated trading strategies.

Earnio's goal is to allow clients who do not have as much time to devote to their own trading to participate in the returns from the rapidly developing crypto environment.

How does Earnio work?

If you have your cryptocurrencies, or if you purchase them directly in Earnio via the integrated Transak app, you can deposit them to Earnio. Earnio will use it to trade on cryptocurrency markets and you will be entitled to a percentage (ranging from 30% to 50%) of its trading result.

Is Earnio regulated and licensed?

Earnio is a product of the Greek company Probinex IKE. Probinex IKE is registered with the Hellenic Capital Market Commission as a virtual asset service provider. Virtual asset activities are regulated under the provisions of the Greek law relating to the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and are supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. The company operating Earnio is therefore licensed under a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider licence). We are licensed to provide services as a cryptocurrency exchange and custodial wallet provider.

What is the difference between Earnio Fix and Earnio Dynamic?

Earnio Dynamic works on the principle of virtual asset management. By joining Earnio Dynamic, the client gives Earnio custody of their cryptocurrencies and Earnio subsequently trades them. For this, the client receives a reward corresponding to a 30% to 50% share of the monthly trading result. In the event of a negative result in the management of virtual assets, the client bears the full trading loss in his account. The notice period for Earnio Dynamic is 3 months and starts on the first day of the following month after the allocation is made. During this notice period, clients do not receive any remuneration or share in any trading loss.


Earnio FIX works on the principle of a loan. On the basis of this loan, the client receives a remuneration of between 1% and 2% per month. Earnio FIX has a fixed term of 12 months, which starts on the first day of the month following the allocation. It is not possible to go into loss in Earnio FIX.

Account registration and verification

How to register?

Joining Earnio is easy. At the registration link, enter the email you wish to register with and insert a referral code if someone has referred Earnio to you and provided you with their code.

Then read the individual documents and terms and conditions carefully, confirm that you have read them, and click on Register. Then simply indicate whether you are over 18 years old and what type of account you would like to open.

The next step is to choose your password. After confirming your password, you will receive a message to the email address you entered when you registered, in which you need to verify your account. Once verified, the link will redirect you to a page where you can log in using the email address and password you have chosen.

How do I verify myself?

Activate two-step verification
After logging into Earnio, click on Two-Factor Verification Settings, enter your phone number and have a text message sent to you. Then enter the code from the SMS in the app.

This will activate a two-factor authentication and from now on, every time you log in or do an important transaction, Earnio will send you an SMS.

Identity verification
To verify your identity, prepare your bank statement (or electricity, gas, and water bill) in PDF format and your ID card in advance. Please note that screenshots cannot be used for identity verification. The invoice or a bank statement can also be photographed, but the photo must show the entire document with the address, not just part of it (for example, just the header with your details and those of your service provider or bank).

Log in to your Earnio account and click on Verify Identity. Then you need to agree with the declaration and also be sure to read the privacy policy and age declaration. When you are done, click on Continue.


Then select the country that issued your ID card from the chart. You will then need to verify your identity. To verify your identity, you need to upload your ID card or passport and then upload a document to verify your address. This document can be a bank statement or an electricity, water, gas, or internet bill. It must contain your name and address. Screenshots cannot be used to verify documents.

After that, all you have to do is take a picture of your face. If you are unable to verify your identity using this procedure, you can contact us at [email protected].


After verifying your identity, you will need to go through a short questionnaire so that we can get to know you better and offer you the most appropriate services. No need to worry, these are really just the most basic questions.

What documents do I need to register?

To verify your identity, we will need your ID or passport and a document to verify your address. This document can be a bank statement or a bill for electricity, water, gas, or internet and cannot be older than 3 months. The document must include your name and address.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process is very quick and will not take you more than a few minutes. Plus, it happens in real-time so you don't have to wait for a lengthy response. If your registration is not successful, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will help you complete it.

How do I cancel my account?

If you would like to cancel your Earnio account, please email us at [email protected]

Deposits, Withdrawals, Allocations, Deallocations and Reallocations

How do I deposit USDC cryptocurrency into Earnio from my own cryptocurrency wallet?

If you want to deposit directly into Earnio the USDC that you have previously gained on a cryptocurrency exchange, please follow these steps:

On the main page, click on Deposit, select the USDC currency and then you will see the address of the wallet where to send your USDC. Note that this address is on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. So send your USDC as a BEP-20 token.

If you use any other blockchain to send your USDC tokens, they could be irretrievably lost.

You need to send USDC tokens to the address shown, starting with 0x..... The deposit will be credited to your balance within 24 hours, but usually sooner. We do not charge any fees on the Earnio side for depositing USDC into the Earnio platform.

How do I deposit funds into Earnio if I don't have any cryptocurrency?

Earnio works with USDC cryptocurrency, which you can buy directly in the Earnio interface via the Transak app. After making a payment, USDC will be automatically credited to your Earnio account. This is a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that holds a value of 1 USD under stable conditions.

For your first cryptocurrency purchase, click on the Deposit button and select the EUR currency. Then click on the large Purchase USDC icon.

Here you can enter the amount you want to buy USDC cryptocurrency for. Then select the method of purchase. For each of these, you will see the fee that the Transak app charges for the purchase. You can choose either a card payment or a SEPA payment method in euros. You can then confirm your purchase and proceed to verify your identity in the Transak app. First you will take a photo of your ID card. Make sure all the details are correct and then you will need to take a photo of your face.

After a few minutes, the app will evaluate your documents and registration and you can proceed to the actual payment. Just go back to the deposit and go through the purchase process. Enter the purchase amount, choose a payment method, and confirm the purchase. The next step is to send the funds and then click on I have paid. The Transak app will usually process your purchase within 1 - 2 days, but it can be much faster. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes. It mainly depends on whether your bank supports instant SEPA payment. Once processed, the USDC will be credited to your balance and you can then allocate it.

What is USDC?

USDC is a centralized stablecoin. It is the cryptocurrency equivalent of the dollar. Because Earnio has a VASP licence that allows it to handle cryptocurrencies, we use this cryptocurrency for transactions at Earnio. I sent USDC from my own wallet to Earnio's wallet, when will it be credited? Deposits via USDC are made automatically within 24 hours, usually sooner. 

If you see a transaction processed on the blockchain but the tokens are not yet credited to your Earnio wallet, please email us at [email protected]. Once credited to your wallet, you can allocate your funds.

How does Earnio exchange work?

You can exchange EUR to USDC within your client account. All without using third-party applications that require additional KYC verification. The whole process within our exchange is fast, easy and convenient, just a few clicks away. 

I made a USDC purchase through the Transak app. When can I expect USDC to be credited to my Earnio wallet?

The speed at which USDC is credited depends on which payment method you have chosen. If you are purchasing with a credit card, USDC will be credited within a few minutes.

If you have chosen SEPA payment and your bank supports instant SEPA payment, the USDC will be credited within a few minutes too.

If your bank does not support instant SEPA payment, your payment will be processed once your funds have arrived in Transak's account. You can track the progress of the transaction directly in the Transak app. You can also find your transaction history there.

Once credited to your wallet, you can allocate your funds.

What is the minimum allocation amount?

The minimum initial allocation amount you can enter Earnio with is 1000 USDC. Subsequent additional allocations have a minimum amount of 100 USDC. 

You can send these USDC from your own cryptocurrency wallet, or buy them directly in the Earnio interface using the Transak app.

What is the maximum allocation amount?

The maximum allocation to Earnio is 250,000 USDC. If you wish to allocate a larger amount, please contact us at [email protected]. If the amount of allocation exceeds 15,000 EUR in total, we have al egal onligation to verify the origin of the funds that will be used for the allocation. We may also verify the origin of the funds individually based on the internal regulations about risk managmeent and implementation of AML policies.

How do I allocate funds to Earnio?

After you have successfully deposited USDC into your Earnio wallet, you still need to allocate it. Just click on Allocate.

On the next screen, you can choose how much USDC you want to allocate and select the product type.

After that, you just need to select how much % of the earnings you want to automatically reallocate. The rest of your rewards will be automatically added to your available balance each month.

How do I end my allocation?

To end your allocation, just click on Allocations in the Account section and select how much USDC you want to deallocate. Yes, you have the option to terminate only a portion of your allocation. The deallocation termination period starts on the first day of the following month and lasts for 3 months. You won't be receiving any rewards nor will there be any loss occurring on your account during this time. At the end of the notice period, your USDC will be available in your balance and you can withdraw it to your wallet or sell it through the Transak app.

How can I increase my potential earnings?

If you want to achieve higher returns, put your PBX tokens into StayKing's premium loyalty program. This is a program designed for PBX token holders and clients of its parent project Probinex. By joining StayKing, you will get more favorable conditions for participation in Earnio. 

At the same time, you also have a unique opportunity to participate in the success of other future Probinex products. In addition, you can also earn rewards depending on the performance of the project and multiply the number of your tokens. 

Do I have to prove the origin of the funds?

If the amount of allocation exceeds 15,000 EUR in total, we have a legal obligation to verify the origin of the funds that will be used for the allocation. We may also verify the origin of the funds individually based on the internal regulations about risk management and implementation of AML policies.

What is a reallocation?

Reallocation is a way to automatically re-allocate your earnings from Earnio back to Earnio and they will earn you money too. When you initially allocate funds, you have the option to choose what percentage of your earnings you want to reallocate. Thus, you don't have to do this manually every month, the process is automatic.

Example: if you allocate funds in January and set your reallocation to 100%, then in February the rewards will arrive in your Earnio wallet and immediately get autoamtically resent to the allocation where they will start working from March and it will continue like this every month.

For Earnio FIX currently automatic reallocation is not possible, the launch of this feature is scheduled for the coming months.

If you want to change the reallocation percentages, just click on "Edit Allocation" on the main page in the "Allocation Detail" section.


Does Earnio have an affiliate program?

Earnio's referral program is clear and simple. 

The basic level is the Lite level - Once your referred clients start earning their rewards through Earnio results, you will earn an affiliate reward equal to 25% of their rewards. However, this is not paid directly out of their rewards, but out of the funds Earnio earnt.

Your referral client then has the same opportunity. So, if they decide to show someone the magic of cryptocurrencies and bring them to Earnio, they get the 25% reward mentioned above, which is calculated exactly the same way as it is for you.

However, this is where it can get even more interesting for you. 

You can get an extra 60% of this reward. These rewards are then generated from everyone in your referral structure, up to level ten. So if you are surrounded by smart and active people, you can take advantage of this.

However, you can only reach these rewards at the Multi level. You earn this level if you have more than 5 people in your network who together have a cumulative allocation of at least 50,000 EUR or you locked PBX tokens in the StayKing program by the Probinex project, with a total Reference Value of at least 5000 USD. If so, you will immediately receive Level Multi. (For more information, please visit the website"

How to join the affiliate program?

To join the affiliate program, just click on Affiliate in the left menu.

You then need to watch a short three-minute video and complete a short quiz about Earnio. All relevant information from the test will be shown in the video.

After successfully completing the test, you will be given the option to set where you want to have your affiliate rewards paid, whether you want to allocate them or have them sent to your balance.

How does the affiliate program work?

When you want to get someone involved with Earnio, just go to the Affiliate section in Earnio and through Copy Link make a copy of your affiliate link for others to sign up through. You can also just send them the affiliate code that they fill out at signup. 

Once your referral clients start earning their rewards through Earnio, you will earn an affiliate reward equal to 25% of their rewards. However, this is not paid directly from their rewards, but from the funds that Earnio earns.